Curriculum and Instruction



The Curriculum and Instruction Department is dedicated to the success of all students and staff in the Arvin Union School District.  We value our students, staff and parents by serving them with integrity and respect.

Guiding Principles:

  1. Focus on student outcomes.
  2. Ensure equity for all students.
  3. Support teachers and all district staff with the highest quality professional development and resources available.
  4. Provide support using the best available research on effective learning and teaching.
  5. Ensure compliance with state, federal and local policies to effectively serve our students.

Curriculum and Instruction Services supports the following Arvin Union School District Services:

  • Curriculum Adoption and Inventory
  • Professional Development and Support
  • Instructional Technology
  • State and Local Assessment
  • English Learner Services
  • Dual Immersion Program
  • New Teacher Induction Services
  • Schoolwide AVID Implementation

Department Staff

Meet our staff!

 Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment: Jennifer Johnson   (661) 854-6518

TOSA Curriculum Specialist:                     Trisha Mason     (661) 854-6500

TOSA Curriculum Specialist:                     Debbie Pichardo     (661) 854-6509

TOSA Curriculum Specialist:                   Mariana Gomez     (661) 854-6500 

District Data Coordinator:                       Isaiah Ramos     (661) 854-6500

ELD Clerk: Enedina Arreguin      (661) 854-3001

ELD Clerk: Maria Pantoja      (661) 854-3001