LCAP Documents

Last Updated: 6/10/2021 11:40 PM

The History of LCAP and LCFF

Beginning July 2014, the governing board of each school district must adopt a local control and accountability plan using a template adopted by the state board.  This plan is effective for a period of 3 years and is required to be updated annually.

State Priorities

All districts must address 8 priority areas in their local control and accountability plan.  These are

  • Basic conditions
  • Implementation of California State Standards
  • Parent Involvement
  • Student Achievement
  • Pupil Engagement
  • School Climate
  • Course Access 
  • Other Student Outcomes

Public Notices

Arvin Union Local Control Accountability Plans

 DRAFT - 2021-22 LCAP Plan - English

 DRAFT - 2021-22 LCAP Plan - Spanish

 DRAFT 2021-22 LCFF Budget Overview for Parents

lcaps182019-2020 LCAP Plan - English

lcaps182019-2020 LCAP Plan - Spanish

lcaps182018-2019 LCAP Plan - English 

lcap18192018-2019 LCAP Plan - Spanish 

2017 LCAP -english 2017 AUSD LCAP PLAN - English

2017 lcap spanish 2017 AUSD LCAP PLAN - Spanish

16-17 AUSD LCAP Plan - English   2016-2017 AUSD  LCAP Plan English    

16-17 AUSD LCAP Plan - Spanish   2016-2017 AUSD LCAP Plan Spanish


Arvin LCAP Dashboard Summaries

2017 LCAP Dashboard English2017 LCAP Dashboard English

LCAP Dashboard Spanish2017 LCAP Dashboard Spanish


LCAP Addendum 

LCAP Dashboard Spanish LCAP Addendum board approved June 18, 2019